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Fashion is Not Only For Humans!

Fashion has always been an admiration for us. Big events, parties, all the fancy designers and avant-garde clothes makes us feel like we belong to a more cool or shiny world. During the biggest events which are Fashion weeks of  New York and Paris, it has always been fascinating to watch and admire all the models wearing designers’ clothes and w...
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We know you care about your buddy.
That's why we care more.

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Dog Breeds and Possible Health Issues

Well, you might be thinking of getting a sweet pet lastly. We think that you should do your work before doing it, you should check your possible dog’s breed temperament, size, character but also you should not forget about checking how likely your dog can have health problems. The domestication of dogs realized 10.000 years ago and they are a pa...
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Customer Reviews


They have the best dog and cat products and service and prices are awesome! If you don't shop from there, you and your pet is missing out!!


Great people. Always kind to everyone. They are a great example of how all business people should be to their customers 


It is warm, friendly and professional. We are entrusting pets we love who cannot speak to us if they are unhappy. We don’t feel we need to worry! 

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