Dogs Accessories 2019: Collars and Jackets

It’s a new year, with new fashion trends, styles and influences. 2019 is sure to bring an onslaught of influential fashion both for you and your pets. Many of us pet owners are just as concerned for what our beloved animals wear, as we are for ourselves. This article is going to explore some of the upcoming ‘looks’ that you can look forward to, and will probably already be noticing in your favourite pet-friendly shops.

Dog Collars

They both protect our dear pups and sometimes keep others from harm or fear. A collar is an absolute necessity for any dog owner. When your dog is new and untrained it can prevent a lot of unwanted attention and action when in the park and even when he/she is trained, a collar is simply one of the easiest ways to go on a walk or jog with ease of mind that your pet will stay close.

Hands Free Dog Leash for Running and Hiking

This nifty accessory is perfect for active people who prefer to have their hands free for the ease of movement. Runners or cyclists, for example, can benefit from this type of leash because the attachment is only around the waist. It’s comfortable and adjustable, allowing for plenty of motion. The bright yellow band will also make you more visible in the evening or night time if that’s when you become active. Run, jog, walk or do any other activity with your pet in style and safety.

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Soft Printed Dog Harness Leash Set for Small Dogs

Who says dogs don’t care about what they wear? Why not give your dog a unique look with a dog harness that has individualized patterns on it, and provides comfort for your dog with an all-around body belt? It’s easily washable and can be purchased in either black or red. Designed mainly for smaller dog breeds, it’s perfect for dogs with an equal size to Poodles, Pugs or French Bulldogs.

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Durable Seat Belt & Outdoor Dog Leashes for 2 Dogs

Are you planning your next road trip and would prefer to take your dogs with you?

Look no further than the new dog seat belt that also acts as a leash for 2 dogs. The length of the leash is adjustable and allows you to comfortably secure your dog to a car seat to ensure that while you’re driving, he/she isn’t jumping around in the back or causing an accident. This item doesn’t fit with Volvo cars.

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Dog Jackets

On to the next hot item of 2019 is the dog jacket. Many dog owners don’t consider this item as necessary as the leash however, if you live in a cold country, you may want to consider it. Some dog breeds were not typically bred or developed to live in regions of slow and cold winds. Do your dog a favour and make sure they’re dressed right for the weather!

Waterproof Dog Raincoats for Large Dogs

You certainly put on some kind of water protection when heading out into the rain, so why shouldn’t your dog? Imagine the time and energy it may save you to wash and dry a wet and muddy dog if only there existed some kind of jacket for them too. Well, now there is! Possible to purchase in both green and yellow, this jacket will also make your dog highly visible in the dark and on particularly dreary days.

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Wind & Waterproof Dog Coats for Small and Large Dogs

A slightly different model is available for dogs of various sizes with the aim of keeping them warm. The fleece material will help to maintain your dog’s temperature against the cold weather. The elastic band within the coat also helps keep the coat on so that your dog can run around and maintain natural movement while keeping warm.

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Stylish Reflective Dog Raincoat for Small & Large Dogs

This final item comes in a variety of bright colors and even has a small pocket to keep your items in while you’re on a walk. Available sizes from small to extra large make this coat a favorite with dog owner’s of varying breeds, shapes and sizes. Head out on your walk with more peace of mind that cars and other people will be able to spot your dog running around in the dark.

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So which item will you treat yourself and your dog to for the start of 2019?

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