All About Dog Feeding: Know Important Facts Here!

As humans, we all require different foods to make sure that we are consuming only the nutritionally balanced meals. On the other hand, in the case of our beloved canines, a quality dog food already has this proper balance of almost all the needed nutrients along with high level of palatability. So, if you are thinking to feed your dogs with human food, certain things should be considered.

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What are the nutritional requirements for a dog?

You should know that the six essential nutrients needed by dogs are water, fats, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins. These are considered to be the vital nutrients required to be part of their regular diet. These are also involved in almost all the basic functions of their body.

What is the healthiest food to feed your dog?

Well, there are various options to choose from when it comes to choosing the healthiest food that you can give to your dog. Of course, it is already given that you should only pick a high-quality dog food to ensure the health of your dog.

However, some human foods are also considered healthy for the dogs. I have chosen the top three human foods that you can feed to your dog:


This one could be fed to dogs in different ways. In fact, cooked chicken meat is known to be a perfect meal additive or suitable snack for them. But, bear in mind that cooked bones must not be fed to dogs. Both raw chicken bones and raw chicken are healthy for the dogs to eat.


Carrots are considered to be high in Vitamin A and fiber at the same time only with low calories making them as a great snack for them. Also, chewing carrots are considered to be beneficial for their teeth. For overweight dogs, carrots are an excellent option as treats due to low-calorie content. 


Eggs could be fed either cooked or raw, and both these ways offer significant health benefits. Cooked eggs must be prepared plain with no pepper, salt or any other seasoning. And on the other hand, raw eggs must also be fed with a shell, providing the full amount of riboflavin, biotin, protein, and selenium.

Do dogs really need carbohydrates?

As said earlier, carbohydrates are one of the required nutrients for dogs. It performs many vital functions in your dogs. Carbs offer a highly digestible and readily available energy source. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose which is the preferred source of energy for body cells such as the brain.

Besides, consuming carbohydrates lets the protein to be spared for maintaining and producing body tissue. Including carbs in dog foods leads to more flexibility to make recipes with various nutrient values.

What vitamins and minerals does a dog need?

Both minerals and vitamins are the building blocks used by dogs to produce as well as repair everything from skin cells to the neural pathways. Here are some of the most common minerals and vitamins needed by your dogs:

  • Vitamin A which is important for healthy vision and a strong immune system.
  • Vitamin B1 that is necessary for healthy metabolism of carbs and maintenance of nerve impulse transmission and normal growth.
  • Vitamin D regulates the balance of phosphorus and calcium of the dog’s body.
  • Vitamin B12 is crucial for a healthy nervous system and to avoid lack of appetite and lethargy.
  • Vitamin B6 plays a key role in hormone regulation, red blood cell function, and healthy immune function.
  • Iron is also critical for the health of red blood cell which is responsible for delivering oxygenated blood throughout the body of the dog.
  • Zinc helps in maintaining the health of skin and hair.
  • Iodine is also essential for proper functioning of the thyroid gland as well as the synthesis of the thyroid hormones.
  • Calcium is an important mineral needed for the development as well as maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.

Do dogs need to eat meat?

Well, perhaps yes. But certain factors still need to be considered. Dogs are known to be carnivores, and you should be familiar with this basic fact. As dog owners, there is a need to feed the dogs with most nutritious, and best diet and meat nutrients are included. However, dogs couldn’t survive with only meat. Instead, there are other more options of food to choose from.

Can I give my dog human vitamin B12?

Of course yes. Vitamin B12 is considered as a water-soluble vitamin that is safe to be used by dogs only in small quantities. You could administer human B12 to your dog so long as it is approved by vets.

As a dog owner, you should definitely consider the things discussed above to ensure maximum health of your dog through a proper and balanced diet!

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