All About Dog Cleaning Tips: Important Things to Consider

Of course, as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that dogs are clean and healthy. And this could be achieved if you know the right way of cleaning your dog. Worry not because you can always turn into numbers of cleaning tips that will surely help you throughout the process. Just bear in mind that your dog needs you to be a responsible owner, particularly when it comes to their cleanliness.

How can I clean my dog without giving her a bath?

Bathing a dog once needed is considered to be an essential part of general pet care. For dogs, you bathe them to remove any unpleasant odor or because of the accumulated dirt on the coat. However, most dogs hate bathing. In such case, how are you going to clean dogs without bathing them?

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Some cleaning options to consider aside from taking a bath include the following:

  • You can use wipes to clean your dog. They are handy and portable, and wipes could help save you from having a dirty dog. There are wipes for dogs out in the market and known to be safe and gentle for dogs. Wipes are also moistened with deodorizers, gentle cleaners and conditioners so your dog will stay clean, fresh and smells good.
  • Dog spray is also a great option to clean dogs even without having them take a bath. Though this one isn’t a cleaning product, still dog scent sprays or dog colognes could really help in making the dog smell a lot better. You can simply use this to improve the odor of the dog.
  • Another tip to remove foul body odor in dogs is the use of cornstarch or baking soda. Cornstarch help stop itch because of dry skin and hot spots and baking soda helps in absorbing excess oils. You only need to sprinkle them like a shampoo.

Do you bathe a dog before grooming?

In most cases, it might not always be possible to bathe a dog before grooming. Dog grooming is one of the basic needs, so even without taking a bath, there is a need for you to groom the dog. However, in most cases, it is recommended to follow specific steps to dog grooming. And yes, bathing is included in the steps.

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For some, they would brush, trim and clip first before bathing. But these grooming basics could also be done after bathing. This solely depends on your preference.

How can I keep my floors clean with my dog?

Dogs are great companions. However, they are also notorious for getting dirty. So, you should know how to keep your floors clean even you have dogs. Consider the following ways:

  • Daily brushing sessions help a lot to keep hair buildup at bay. Brush the dog outside to keep the fur from flying around the living room.
  • After going on walks, you should clean the dogs as they could track in mud and dirt from outside.
  • Using high-quality floor-cleaning supplies must also be considered.
  • It is also essential to make a den for the dog and maintain the food and water area too.

How do I keep my house from smelling like a dog?

Dog odor is something that you might deal with, and so to avoid your house from smelling like the dog, there are tips and tricks to take note:

  • Always wash or clean the bed of your dog at least once a week.
  • There is also a need for you to vacuum all the furniture.
  • Getting your dog regularly groomed is also an important tip for the house not to smell like a dog.
  • Buying an air purifier is also great, and you should also deodorize the beds and carpets.

How do I get plaque off my dog's teeth?

Dogs develop plaque on their teeth once food particles, saliva, and bacteria come all together. A regular brush will, therefore, prevent any plaque buildup. Use toothpaste that is designed for dogs. Giving dogs with dog dental treats can also be considered to combat plaque as well as remove debris.

What can I wash my dog's bedding with?

And if you are going to wash the dogs bedding, consider the use of vinegar too. It is a cheap, and easy way to clean as well as deodorize the bedding of the dogs. If you wash regularly, just add a half cup of white vinegar with hot water along with the addition of a mild detergent. If the dog bedding has a strong odor, you can add a full cup of vinegar. A mixture of vinegar and water could be used to spray the bedding and making it fresh daily.

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There you have it! You should always take note of the things I discussed above to ensure a clean dog and a clean and fresh place too!

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