Guide on How to Groom Your Dog at Home

Booking an appointment at a local dog-grooming salon seems to be the easiest way to consider if dogs need a trim and a tidy up. Yes, this could be great, but would you like to save some money? If yes, why not try grooming your dog at home.

It is easy to groom a dog at home if you have basic knowledge about dog grooming best practices. There is an assurance of good result and at the same time keeping the dog comfortable and safe. And more things to find out about grooming dog below!

Follow these steps:

Prepare the right tools

You can ask the veterinarian on whether what tools are needed to groom your dog properly. Based on the length, type and thickness of the dog’s coat, you will find different types of combs and brushes to get the job done right.

You have to brush gently and regularly

Indeed, regular brushing removes both the dead hair and dirt from the coat, therefore, preventing tangles and mats. Based on the breed of your dog, thickness and type of skin, the vet could tell how often you have to brush the dog.

When brushing the hair of your dog, make it gentle. Don’t try to pull out any mat or tangle as this might be painful for them. And don’t try to cut it either as it could harm you and your dog as well. Instead, look for a special comb or brush intended to remove or split the mats.

Bath your dog

You have to set out all the needed supplies first including towels and shampoo. Put the dog in a basin or tub with just a few inches of lukewarm water. You can use a cup to pour water over the dog. Or if you have a spray nozzle, it would be great.

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If the fur is wet, put on shampoo and lather up. Use dog shampoo and follow the directions. You should also be careful enough to avoid splashing the dog in the face once rinsing the shampoo. Rinse the dog completely.

Trim the nails

Once your dog is relaxed, give the paws a pedicure. Trim the nails to avoid cutting the quick or the pink area within each nail containing blood vessels and nerves. Shorter hair will help prevent anything from getting scratched at the same time will help you inspect any problems such as matted fur, cracked pads, and swelling.

Trimming the dog’s nails should observe a lot of care for signs of distress like drooling, panting, trembling, freezing, whining, cowering, snapping, growling and tail-tucking. Do not force nail trimming too!

Clean the ears

Regular ear cleaning must be part of the grooming routine. You have to check the ears at least once a week. Once there is wax, wide it with a cotton ball being dampened with a gentle ear-cleaning solution. You should not put cotton swabs into the ears as it might cause an injury. Once ears are swollen and red, itchy, waxy and with bad smell, seeing a vet is advised.

Brush the teeth

Regularly brushing the teeth of your dog will dramatically reduce the chance of periodontal disease. It could take many weeks to train the furry friend to warm up to the toothbrush, that’s why there is a need to begin letting him smell the toothpaste and the toothbrush and gradually work up to brushing for 30 seconds on every side at least every other day.

Take note as well that human toothpaste isn’t safe for dogs so don’t use it instead use a product that is approved for them.

If needed, clipping hair is considered

If the hair of the dog is too long, maybe it’s time to clip the coat. A short coat will reduce the amount of hair available for shedding. Bathing and brushing him leads to furniture and floor free from fur.

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These are just the basic things that you must consider once you plan to groom your dog at home. Follow the tips, and you can groom your dog without any hassle at all.

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