Is Your Dog Eating Too Fast? Here Are Some Recommendations for Prevention

Just like humans, eating too fast can have health implications for your pets. Specifically, dogs should be monitored to be sure they aren’t eating in a way that affects them negatively. There are some easy signs to watch out for so that you can better understand if you need to take action with your dog’s eating habits or if he or she is on a healthy track in 2019.

Why Does My Dog Act Like He’s Starving?

Does your dog seem to scarf down food every time you start reaching for his bag of kibbles?

Does he or she start to go nuts even at the first sign of feeding time?

Why might this be? For the most part, this is usually a completely normal behavior and not something to be alarmed by. A dog’s instinct, going all the way back to their wolf origins, is to eat what is in front of them because they can’t be sure the next time they’ll be fed. As wolves, this translates into the next time they’d be able to hunt something.

Various traits in DNA and in our genetics stay long after the necessity is gone. Dogs are also very intelligent animals and have learned how to manipulate their human counterparts into feeding them more than they need, by relying on our emotional give-ins.

Unless you see a serious change in appetite from your dog, don’t be fooled! Continue with a regular feeding plan and make sure he or she gets ample exercise. If you notice your dog is gaining weight, then it may be time to consider visiting a pet nutritionist for some extra advice.

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How Do I Stop My Dog From Eating Too Fast?

Eating too quickly, for any species, can cause digestion problems and over-eating. More troubling than this, are side-effects such as choking, vomiting, gagging and coughing. Your dog’s feeding time can be a good occasion to implement some training regulations that will help against bloating and irregular bowel and stomach issues. Some helpful products are available to you and your pets to help with this. 

Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog and Puppy Bowls

This is a bowl designed with a specific shape so that your dog doesn’t have access to all of the food at once, and has to work his way through smaller amounts before the rest becomes available. 

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Food Puzzles

IQ Training Puzzle Dog Toy

There are plenty of food puzzle options on the market that causes your dog to work through some kind of game or puzzle before receiving a reward. These are great alternatives to regular feeding bowls because it is also stimulating your dog’s mind to figure out how to best reach their food.

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Why Is My Dog Still Hungry After Eating?

As mentioned before, your dog’s show of hunger is more often than not simply a manipulation to try and get more of the good stuff!

Like humans, dogs recognise that food tastes good, and even when they are full, they’d love to have more of it. Understand your dog’s size and activity level to feel more confident in the amount you are feeding him or her. Just like babies, puppies will need less food than grown dogs. And just like children who want more dessert, dogs will often whine or beg when they see scraps or humans eating their own food.

Another important factor is the weather. A dog will probably need more food if you live in a particularly cold environment. The fat in their body will naturally keep them warmer when doing outdoor activities. Again, like humans, their bodies will tell them that they should be eating more as a protective mechanism against the cold.

Can Dogs Die From Eating Too Much?

It is very rare and only in extreme cases that a dog will die from overeating.

It has been known to happen, though, if for some reason the signal in your dog’s brain doesn’t communicate that they are full or have had too much.

Normally what happens is that due to overheating your dog will bloat, and this bloat can quickly turn into “canine bloat” in which the stomach stretches and swells to the extent that it is difficult for blood to flow normally through your dog’s body.

Can a Dog Throw Up From Eating Too Fast?

Yes! And although this is a worrying sign and something to be checked by a veterinarian, it’s also a positive sign that your dog’s body is reacting in a protective manner. If your dog throws up from eating too fast, it will probably save your dog from stomach pain and digesting too much food at once. However, if you see this, be sure to take action to prevent it from happening again and see how you can help your pet to eat slower and understand when enough is enough.


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