Top Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass: What to Know About Dog Grass Eating?

If you worry about your dog that eats grass, you’ll have to read this post. Find out the top reasons why dogs eat grass!

Most dog owners would feed their dogs with a nutritious meal that is almost full of everything that he needs to grow healthy. However, some dogs would still be observed eating grass. Could this be something you must worry about? Is there any danger with this? Well, fear not because it is considered to be normal behavior of our beloved canine. But, we still need to take note of the reasons why dogs eat grass.

Types of Dog Grass Eating

First, you should be aware that there are two types of canine grass eating. These two types are as follow:

dogs eat grass


This is known as simple grazing wherein dogs happily munch on grass, and there will be no side effects at all. Some vets would suggest for dogs to eat grass to make up for a nutritional deficiency. However, even those dogs that are eating well-balanced diets would still prefer eating grass. Perhaps, they like the taste!

Instinctive Behavior

And the next type is when a canine eats some grass and throws it up. Well, this is considered as an instinctive deliberative attempt to induce vomiting right after they have swallowed something which makes them feel ill.

Those dogs that eat just to vomit would usually swallow grass as fast as possible and without even chewing it. These long and not chewed pieces of grass could tickle their throats leading to a vomiting reaction.

Once dogs eat grass and vomit, it is considered okay. But, take the dog to a veterinarian once it keeps on retching and if unable to vomit or if it keeps on eating grass and carries on vomiting.

So, why dogs eat grass?

And now, let us know some of the reasons why dogs prefer to eat grass even they are served with a nutritious meal from their owners. Here are some of the reasons why:

Dogs are bored

In some instances, dogs are eating grass because they are bored. If the dog is all by himself in the backyard and he has nothing to do, eventually some dogs would prefer to eat grass. The case is that you might not be providing your dog with mental challenges and regular exercise. With that, you will notice that your dog might really be eating grass more often.

Why not provide them with a chew toy or provide your dog with a consistent exercise routine.

The grass is tasty

Since dogs are natural scavengers they are programmed to look for nutrition anywhere they could find it. Well, it might be possible that dogs find the texture or flavor of the grass yummy. Perhaps, grass could also fill a nutritional need like fiber.

Switching to a high-fiber dog food might stop this behavior. But consult with a vet first before changing the diet of your dog.

Stomach distress is also a reason

Some experts believed that grass is a form of self-medication. Once dogs are having tummy problems, eating grass seems a relief. As discussed earlier, dogs that are eating grass might be into the idea of making themselves vomit.

Nevertheless, stomach distress could also be a sign of something that is more serious such as inflammatory bowel disease or acid reflux, so it is worth to call a veterinarian.

Is eating grass bad for a dog?

Though it is considered to be normal behavior, and grass might not harm them, there is a need for you to be mindful of the chemicals that are used on grass which might irritate the stomach of our dogs and could lead to health problems.

So, if you are gardening at home, there is a need to look out for some products which are safe to use around animals or you have to keep the dog away from areas wherein non-safe products are utilized.

In some cases, you could create particular grazing area by planting pet grass in a pot and teaching the dog to use it. However, check with your vet if dogs eat more grass than the usual.

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