How to Read Your Dog's Body Language?

Because they don’t speak, it does not mean that they are not communicating! Actually they are, and they are just different than humans, they don’t use words they express their self with their body and energy.

To build a communication with our sweet life partners, it would be a good idea to learn and try to understand their language. Expecting the opposite meaning expecting them to learn our language can be frustrating.

We have thousands of words, gestures and mimics meanwhile all they have is only their voice, body and energy. They mainly communicate with their body language and secondly the use their voice to express their self.

What do we mean by body language? Body language of a dog consists of;

  •       Tail Carriage and motion
  •       Ear position
  •       Eye position
  •       Body position
  •       Movement
  •       Facial Expressing

To know the body language means that to be able to identify it and the meaning behind. To identify the body language, you should first observe your dog, try to understand what is communicated, and always consider your dog’s entire habitat as well as the situation and the context to understand what is going on.

Keep in mind that, the signals of your dog can change from one minute to other regarding to the situation. He or she can start with excitement then pass to threat and from there can switch to fear. Again, we must try to look at the whole dog and his body language, as well as the environment in order to understand the real behavior behind the language.

The important things to observe are the head, ears, tail, and back. If these are high, then your dog is feeling more dominant, is there are low then your dog is more submissive. You can observe the tension in the dog's body, especially in the back and legs, if his or her energy level is high then he or she will be tenser.

They can't express their self in words they're communicating themselves constantly through body language. Once we learn how to understand this, a new chapter starts in your relationship with your loved ones.

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