The Best Dog Training Techniques Every Dog Owner Should Try

Being a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make your dog well-mannered around the presence of others. You should also be responsible for the dog’s safety. And this means that you should also teach them the right conduct to avoid untoward incidents. So, the best way to consider is to train your dog correctly.

Well, worry not since there are various ways on how to do so. You just need to try some of the best dog training techniques at least to ensure the success of your goal. And this goal is to have a well-mannered dog that is both relaxed and confident.

Best Dog Training Techniques

Here are some dog training techniques or methods that you should try once planning to train your canine. Here we go!

Traditional Dog Training

Yes, various methods are discovered these days, and it becomes possible because of modern technology. However, we shouldn’t forget that the traditional way of training dogs is still useful.

Traditional dog training uses physical corrections as for training the dog. Let’s say, for instance, if you tell the dog to sit yet he stays standing, a gentle jerk on the choke or collar chain. If a task is completed, encourage your dog by saying “Good Dog”!

These days, the said method is considered to be outdated. However, some dogs could still respond to this kind of training after failing with positive training.

Reward Training

This one is a positive reinforcement technique, and there will be some reward. This reward could be a food, toy or anything that dog loves. As you give the award, there is a need for you to praise the dog in a high pitched and encouraging voice. You will promote enthusiasm both for you and your dog as well.

Clicker Training

This is considered one of the most famous types of dog training these days, and it was introduced by Karen Pryor. Clicker training could be used for almost everything right from basic commands up to potty training or even to behavioral issues like excessive barking.

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The theory behind this kind of technique is that dogs learn best from the so-called operant conditioning. It refers to the idea that animals learn from their environment and they are likely to answer to a positive consequence than the negative one.

Also, clicker training is a pure positive reinforcement training. And the clicker shows to a dog what he has done good and right. Most dog owners admire this technique since it is gentle and it offers good experience both for you and the dog.

Dog Whispering Technique

The inventor of this method is Cesar Millan, and this technique could be beneficial with some dogs. Its foundation is the connection with as well as understanding between the dog and the dog owner. Well, the key here is to read the body language of your dog and to use your body language to train him. It often involves correction. However, the corrections are according to dog behavior.

Say, for instance, an aggressive dog toward another one could be fixed by applying a clawed hand to his neck. Why? This simply mimics what the mother would have done in the wild. And this method needs some study with regards to the behavior of the dogs. This technique could create a very tight bond between the dog and the owner.

These are just among the best dog training techniques that a dog owner might consider as you train your dog. But whatever method it is, you still need a lot more effort to train your dog effectively. And the reward could be great once you’ve done your part the right way!

Nevertheless, you can also ask the help of professionals when it comes to dog training. There are numbers of great dog trainers out there, and you merely need to find the best one.

How about you? Do you have any other techniques in training your dog? Share with us your thoughts!

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