10 Best Dog Breeds for Cat: Which Is Your Favorite?

Many would say that cats and dogs are best enemies, and so many would also recommend not to have them both as pets. However, you should know that cats and dogs can be of best friends. Yes, this is indeed true, only if you can choose the right pairing – the right breed of dog for your cat!

So, if you have a feline friend as a pet, and you want to add a canine friend, some dog breeds should be considered. Check out the top 10 best dog breeds perfect to pair with cat below:


beagle and cat

Beagles are known breeds to hunt in packs, so these are indeed friendly with other animals, including cats. And their happy-go-lucky nature is one of the reasons why it is a pleasure to live with them. They are also loving companions who are likely to see cats as another member of the pack.


pug cat

This dog breed lives for the attention and love of the humans, so there are only a few things that bother them. In fact, they wouldn’t mind sharing home with some other pets so long as they are getting the attention they want.

Pugs are known to be adaptable. They also have high energy and easy to be trained as well. Pugs and cats could really go along well together.

Labrador Retriever

labrador cat

Known for being goofy and energetic breed, Labrador Retrievers don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. If you have a cat which doesn’t care about a dog who keeps playing, your furry friends will get along with this breed fine. In fact, this breed is a good all-around pet.


bulldog cat

This breed is a dog that likes to eat. Also, they love to nap and play and could be great companions to family members and cats as well. Bulldogs could be of a great option if cats like to sleep cuddled up to a something. They can nap all together the whole day!

Golden Retriever

golden and cat

This breed is one of the gentlest and nicest dog breeds on earth. They are known because of their mild temperament, and they are also eager to make friends, and a cat is not an exemption of course. Cats and Golden Retriever can even become best of friends as your pets.


Papillon is a dog breed that seems to share the same or smaller size than the cat. But, they are considered as a highly-adaptable breed, and they could adjust to any living situation even you have cats at home. However, cats must not take up all the space on your lap to avoid any conflict between them.


These breeds are hard to mistake because of their pointy ears and short legs. They offer a whole lot of love, and this even extends to family members including your feline pet. They are well-rounded and could fit any lifestyle. In fact, they could quickly adapt to how the cat behaves, and they know how to keep the peace between them. 

Basset Hound

Well, these breeds could sometimes be a bit of a handful regarding obedience training. However, you shouldn’t worry that they wouldn’t get along with your cat. These breeds get extremely attached to humans, so they should be getting plenty of love. They are very gentle with other pets.

Boston Terrier

For a dog with a whole lot of heart, Boston Terrier is considered as a well-mannered dog who will surely love everyone in the family. These dogs could handle their own, but they get scared in certain instances. They can really be good to cats and harmony will keep both of these pets happy.


And finally, Boxers are playful and lively, and they could do well with cats so long as the cat doesn’t mind dog which wants to play. This is not a good choice if your cat wants the dog to ignore her simply. However, if the cat wants to get into the action too, they can be of good friends.

So, if you own a cat and you want to a canine companion, take time to at least consider the dog breeds listed above. Each dog offers a unique temperament and personality and might respond differently to the cat’s presence, numbers of dogs are still compatible with cats.

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