Why Should Not We Buy Dogs for Sale? Reasons Not to Buy from Pet Stores

Do you want to have a dog as your pet? Are you planning to buy one from pet stores? If yes, you should think twice first because there are specific reasons why should not we buy dogs for sale? There could be other options to consider other than buying dogs that are for sale in most pet stores out there.

So, here are the reasons why buying dogs at pet stores should be avoided:

Behavioral Problems

Since breeding is known to be indiscriminate, some behavioral problems aren’t weeded out generationally. In some pet stores, the staff isn’t likely to have any training that deals with the behavior issues making the puppies continue doing wrong things leading to becoming a habit.

Bad Health

Knowing that most puppies from pet stores come from puppy mills, they might not be a result of careful breeding, so they usually aren’t well-cared off. Some of the common conditions or illnesses are eye problems, neurological problems, blood disorders, hip dysplasia, and the canine parvovirus.

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Standard Downfall

If you plan to buy dogs from pet stores for breeding purposes, it could ruin the standard of the breed knowing that the previous breeders weren’t concerned about it.

No Socialization

Puppies that are sold in most pet stores are often pulled away from the litter at a younger age, at about four or five weeks. And there is the fact that a puppy should be separated after eight weeks or even ten weeks. With this lack of time socializing with the siblings, puppies might not develop those essential canine skills.

Sad Dog

Housebreaking is Hard

Since most puppies spent their short lives in the cages, they don’t have the chance of developing that natural canine instinct of eliminating away from the food and bed. So, this would lead to problems as you housebreak them.

What You See Is Not What You Get

You might be adored by a Maltese sold at pet stores, and you decided to buy it. However, as the Maltese grow, there could be a little Maltese in there, but mostly the dog could look like a Terrier. You will not be rest assured that you’ll be getting a purebred dog.

Questionable Pedigree

You are paying for a pedigree as you buy from certain pet stores, but you might not be entirely sure that it is genuine. On the other hand, if it is genuine, it wouldn’t guarantee that the puppy is an excellent example of such breed instead you might need a reputable breeder to ensure the claim.

Poor Value

Well, you might get a puppy from pet stores at expensive rates. With these rates, you can already pay a reputable breeder that might guarantee you with a healthy dog and offer support afterward too.

These are just among some of the reasons why wise individual chose not to buy dogs for sale in most pet stores, particularly from those who aren’t reputable. So, the best thing to do to avoid any problems, you have to find a reputable breeder or simply adopt dogs from breed-specific rescues and local animal shelter. You are a lot more guaranteed with these options.

Reputable and professional breeders are known to be knowledgeable regarding the breed they would represent and could help with both physical and behavioral issues that could come up later. They socialize the puppies early and breed out bad traits at the same time breed in good ones. In fact, they could show you the parents of the puppies and provide the history too.

The next time you are attracted with an adorable puppy out there, think first the reasons discussed above. If you choose to buy from such a store, you are supporting the horrible practice of the puppy mills. If you really love dogs, then make sure to get one the right way!

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