6 Exciting Games for Dogs

Games are great and fun ways to exercise, especially with your dog. Many dog owners are always looking for fun and entertaining ways to keep their dogs busy and out of trouble.


This article aims at shedding light on different types of engaging games that dog owners can try. 

Frisbee game for dogs

Frisbee is a game in the form of fun-filled exercise for your dog. Dogs with an instinct to chase will find this enjoyable.

Dog owners can start by using soft discs instead of traditional plastic Frisbee. This is because conventional Frisbee is hard and may hurt your dog when it hits its mouth. 

frisbee dog game

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Try getting the dog excited within short distances and then you may consider increasing the range.

Dog owners can create their agility courses

Agility courses are great and fun ways to teach dogs new tricks and stimulate them mentally. Developing your agility course can go a long way in giving your dog mental and physical strength. 

It is advised that instead of purchasing obstacle course items from pet stores, dog owners can consider making theirs too. 

Water games for dogs

Beach provides much fun for dogs, especially for natural dog swimmers. Dog owners should always remember that safety should be stepped up around the beach areas. So dog owners can consider doggie life jackets for safety.

When paying a visit to the beach, dog owners can go along with other dog toys and try games like fetch in the water with their dogs. Dog owners should make sure these toys are floatable toys. 

Dog owners who don’t have a beach nearby need not worry. They can consider playing water games around places like their backyard. They can set this up by getting a plastic kiddie pool and fill it with water.

Dogs naturally like splashing around and having a lovely time in their refreshing pool. You can also spice up their moment by adding toys to their pool. 

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Dog owners can play find the treats game with their dog

To play this game of finding treats, dog owners can start by putting some treats on the ground while the dog maintains the stay position.

Now command your dog to find the treat by pointing them along the right path when you observe they have difficulty. Encourage and get them excited each time they can find one.

When dogs get along well, the difficulty level may be increased. You can try putting up the treats around the house once your dog understands it well in the room. 

Hide and seek for dogs

Hide and seek games help dogs improve their natural scent-tracking abilities in a fun and stimulating ways. 

To play this game, make sure your dog stays while you find a hiding spot. Once you are all set, you can call your dog, and they encourage them when they see you.

If your dog wants to go with you and will not allow you to get a hiding spot, dog owners can enlist someone to distract the dog while they hide. 

Which hand game for dogs 

This is one of the simplest and easiest brain games for dogs. It is also effortless for dog owners to carry out. Dog owners can use their dog’s favorite toys or a treat. They can hide this in one hand and have the dog sniff both hands. Guessing which side has the treat.

The first hand which the dog place the nose is the dog’s guess. When dogs get this correctly, dog owners can release the toys or treats. This will make your dog to be conditioned into playing the game seamlessly quickly.

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