How to Choose The Best Bed for Your Dog?

3 Things to Consider before buying the Best Bed for Dogs.

When we have dogs, our primary concern is there safety and comfort. Dogs need interaction, love, and sleep. And most dog owners somehow neglected the importance of comfort of sleeping. Dogs like to lay their back down, stretch, roll, and rest. Imagine doing that while on the floor only. The discomfort their having could give dogs stress and probably not so happy. 

Choosing the best bed for your dog is quite complex. So, how do you find the best bed for your dog? As a dog owner, you need to consider any health issues, the size of your dog, your dog's age, the behavior of your dog ('cause sometimes dogs' loves to chew), the price and where shall you put it.

Here are some guidelines for you to choose the BEST BED for your lovely dog:

1. How to choose dog bed?

Choosing might vary from different owners and the dog. Sometimes our dog and our preference may not be compatible. Primarily we don’t know how they feel and don’t know what to do. By that, the dog owners should meet halfway the needs of their cute dogs.

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Know your dogs' personality traits:

*If your dog likes to chew, choose a simpler bed, and cheaper. With this understanding, the owner has the option to observe what bed fits perfectly to his or her dog. We can’t control dogs to stop chewing things, like a bed or a mattress. We, owners, should have a range of understanding and patience of them.

* Your dog's sleeping preference.  Whether your dog likes a big or a small bed. Foamy or less foamy. And even the color of the bed. Dogs can be picky. Especially to those breed dogs. Different kinds of dogs’ breeds’ have their own special needs. For instance, dogs like to sleep in an open area, closed area, small area or an outdoor area.  Observing their sleep preference gives you options on choosing the best bed for your dog.

 2. What to choose?

There are a variety of beds available in malls, shops, and online stores. But choosing is difficult. Dog owners are having a hard time where they could buy the best bed for their dog/s. Some people say, go to a store so that you can actually feel, touch and choose from their available beds. Some people also say, buy in an online store because they can give you discounts and they have a range of different beds to choose from, and it’s convenient.

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Honestly, everywhere is fine. As long as you know what to choose. Know what type of bed or mattress to choose: size; color; shape, etc... Again, base it from your dog’s observation.

The best kind is to get an orthopedic bed or mattress. This helps the bones and muscles of dogs to have a good sleep or nap. Dogs often spend 50 percent of sleeping per 24-hour cycle. Having a good rest for dogs mean longer their survival.

Secondly the pudding. If your dog likes a foamy or a lesser one. It is one also that owners neglect to consider. Pudding is important in beds’ features. Especially when your dog has health issues, back pains, and aches and arthritis. Yes, for older dogs, a good pudding bed can ease their pain.

3. What to buy?

Now here is the time to buy the best bed. Account the things above and buy a bed that is easy to clean. Of course, beds need to be clean once in a while. You don't want your dog sleeping in a dirty bed, right? Right. And lastly, your budget. Buy a reasonable bed price having the best feature. Though you can buy as many as you want. Just do remember to clean it, out from dirt, odor, stains and their own furs.


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Having a dog requires time, love, support and money. Treat your dog like one of your family. If you have a dog, do take care of their needs. But if you don’t or planning to get one, know what to do. A lot of dogs can be seen outside with no shelter and food.  Choosing the best bed is one only of many things to do for your dog.

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